Management Letting Rights Services
Saving you time and money on body corporate disputes

About MLR Services

MLR Services was founded in Brisbane, Queensland by Mike O'Farrell, who has provided mediation services in the Brisbane area.

After joining the management and letting rights industry in 1991, Mike has been actively involved in body corporate's for many years. He understands the complexities of shared occupancy and has seen disputes between residents, contractors and body corporates escalate into financially disastrous situations.

Mike established MLR Services to help residents, committees, building managers and body corporates find dispute resolutions that are based on reason through his mediation services. His in-depth knowledge of Australian Building Management Accreditation (ABMA) code means he is able to interpret contracts and clarify responsibility based on a 'best for building' (B4B) practise.

MLR also provides training for property managers, caretakers and body corporates, offering clear, effective advice that helps avoid conflict and reduces the impact of litigation.

Mike holds property interests in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and is a national board member of the Australian Resident Managers Accommodation Association (ARAMA). Mike is a local to the Brisbane area and knows the local legislation.

Mike's vision for MLR is to ensure the shared occupancy model - created under the BCCM Act - is workable and can create harmony and an enjoyable lifestyle within strata title complexes in Queensland.