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Management Letting Rights Services
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Body Corporate Guidance and Consultancy

Never before has the demand for professional capability in the strata and building management sector been higher.

Body corporates are demanding a higher quality of service for their money and it's difficult for industry stakeholders to remain on level terms and have the same goals for the common asset (the building complex) as the body corporate. This can lead to some heated disputes that may require mediation, MLR services team of specialists can help you build your business with solid personalised agreements, guidelines and documentation to reduce your risk of litigation and maximise the equality of the involved parties.

Management Letting Rights Services (MLRS) can guide stakeholders through the process of setting up agreements and processes to ensure harmonious outcomes can be achieved. Having gained many years of experience in the industry with building managers, caretakers, committees and letting agents you can be confident of a no-nonsense approach based on sound business principles and backed up with effective communication and delivery.

MLR Services delivers:

  • BCCM Acronyms training based on the Lay Persons Guide
  • Building Caretaking and Letting Code of Conduct, including guidance on communication and reporting
  • Committee Code of Conduct and guidance
  • Guidance to building management on yield and revenue management and Return on Investment (ROI) on owners' units - how to retain units in your letting pool and combat competition from outside providers
  • Guidance to stakeholders on caretaking and letting agreement 'top up' and assignment

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